Application of 7 Quality Control Tools and Defect Reduction - A Review

  • Vandit D. Buch, Jalpa Zalawadia, Prashant Tomar


: Using quality control tools has become essential in many industrial and academic domains to increase productivity and decrease errors. The implementation of the well-known 7 Quality Control Tools and their important significance in defect reduction are reviewed in detail in this study. The seven tools—the Pareto chart, the Cause-and-Effect diagram, the Check sheet, the Control chart, the Histogram, the Scatter diagram, and the stratification—have shown to be helpful in recognizing and resolving problems, which in turn has promoted a continuous improvement culture. The review combines case studies and empirical data to demonstrate the useful application of these instruments in a variety of fields. Through an analysis of the effective integration of these tools, this paper highlights their critical role in process optimization, innovation promotion, and maintaining ambitious standards of quality in a dynamic and competitive landscape.

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