Finsler-Randers Cosmological Models with Observational Constraints

  • Anjani Kr. Shukla, Manoj Kumar, Achal Singh


In this paper, Finsler-Randers [FR] cosmological models in modified gravity theories have been investigated. The Power-law solution in Emergent Scenario are assumed for the scale factor in the corresponding cosmological models. For this scenario, we have discussed exact solutions to the corresponding field equations in detail. The cosmological parameters have been discussed in detail and it is also shown that the solutions tend asymptotically to isotropic Friedmann-Robertson- Walker cosmological model. We have also investigated the behaviour of Finsler- Randers cosmological models in modified theories of gravity in Einstein theory.we obtain the constraints on these parameters by using 28 paints of H(Z) data and 580 paints os union 2.1 compilation data and compare this results with the result of ΛCDM. At the 1-σ lable, we obtain the constraints from H(Z) data are q =-0.15 and H0 = 56.190 together with χ2= 0.8511 while the constraints from supernova data are q =-0.35 and H0 = 69.160 together with χ2 = 0.4266 . We obtain the cosmological constraints on linear deceleration parameter by using latest observa- tional data.

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