A Study on the Cost of Traffic Congestion in the City of Makassar

  • Mahyuddin, Muralia Hustim, Muhammad Isran Ramli, Asad Abdurrahman


The development of the world's population is getting higher in line with regional developments of Makassar city. Subsequently, transportation sectors are also improve rapidly following by the number of vehicles which caused congestion and noise pollution. This study aims to analysed the Traffic Safety Cost (TSC) using Vehicle Operating Cost (VOC) approaches. The research methodology used is PCI and Sound Level Meter (SLM) to measure the noise cost compared with Victoria Transport Policy Institute (VTPI) data. The result show that Tamangapa Raya street produce high traffic at 4 – 5 PM with average speed and noise is about 7.2 Km/hr and 70.07 dB(A), respectively. It can be said that the noise level is higher than standard with noise cost of Rp. 1.908,14/km. The traffic cost of light vehicle 1000 cc is Rp. 2.433,48 while light vehicle 2000 cc is Rp. 9.645,03. The 10 years traffic has been predicted growth approximately 8% with interest rate is 7.5%. It can be concluded that dimension and road capacity are the most important factors to the traffic cost and noise value of vehicles. In terms of congestion costs from the five dimensions of light vehicle types, both 1000 cc, 1200 cc, 1500 cc, 2000 cc vehicles, the indicator values are 1000 cc 0.965, 1200 cc 0.972, 1500 cc 0.971, and 2000 cc 0.957. From the analysis results show that the fifth dimension of private vehicles which greatly influences the cost of congestion in terms of efficiency is the 1200 cc light vehicle with a value of 0.972 in terms of all loading factor values from the dimensions of the type of vehicle.

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