Process parameter optimization in EDM process by Taguchi method

  • Sumit Dhage, Nitish Nipane, Deivanathan R
Keywords: Electical Discharge Machining, Analysis of Variance, Surface Roughness


Electrical Discharge Machining is non contact type, unconventional, thermal erosion process used for machining the conductive materials. Geometrically complex parts with micron scale features, which are not possible by conventional machining methods can be produced by this method. This paper aims to study the effect of electric discharge machining parameters such as pulse on time (Ton), voltage(V) and current(I) on surface roughness of machined surface. Here the electrode used is copper and workpiece is Aluminium 2024. A plan of experiments, is developed based on L9 Taguchi design method. Analysis of variance will be applied to study the influence of the process parameters. The objective is to find out various combinations of process parameters to achieve the better surface finish. Also to determine the contribution of each process parameters on surface roughness. This study will be useful for manufacturing engineers to select optimum parameters for Electrical discharge machining of Aluminium 2024.

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