Effect of non-parallel Trapezoidal Notches Bamboo Reinforcement on SCC Concrete Bonding Strength

  • Nasrun Sibela, Herman Parung, A. Arwin Amiruddin
Keywords: Bulupering Bamboo, Bonding Strength, SCC Concrete


In this era of globalisation, building development is advancing so swiftly that the acceleration of construction development is proportional to the increase of humanity. The acceleration may be noticed beginning with modest building construction and progressing to medium and big building construction. Typically, concrete is the primary building material, and reinforcing steel is utilised to compensate for concrete's tensile weakness. However, in actuality, steel is a nonrenewable natural resource acquired through mining products, and its availability will eventually be depleted in nature. Therefore, the goal of the research is to investigate the possibilities of substituting alternative materials for steel reinforcement. In this study, Gowa Region Bulupering bamboo was substituted for steel reinforcement in concrete. The technique of investigation involves testing the mechanical characteristics of bamboo and the bonding strength of bamboo to conventional concrete and Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) type concrete. Similar to steel reinforcement, bamboo reinforcement is provided with parallel trapezoidal noches to form a strong connection in concrete and prevent slipping. Bonding strength is evaluated by the results of a tensile test on cylindrical concrete samples measuring 150 mm x 300 mm for conventional concrete types and SCC concrete types. The test findings indicate that for conventional concrete, bamboo reinforcement with non-parallel trapezoidal notches results in a bond strength of 0.68 MPa, whereas for SCC concrete, the bond strength is 0.86 MPa. The outcome of the experiment indicates that conventional concrete with trapezoidal notch bamboo reinforcement has a lower bond strength than SCC concrete with trapezoidal notch bamboo reinforcement. This is because SCC concrete has a higher density than conventional concrete.

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