Energy Harvesting System based on Piezoelectric Material

  • Amir Elazazy, Hala Abdel Kader, Ahmed Fawzy


For the development of modern civilization, a large amount of electrical energy is needed. To achieve that, scientists and researchers are deeply searching for renewable and green energy sources. This paper demonstrates how to generate electric power using PZT-5A, PZT-5H piezoelectric materials and compare them to show the highest power output. These piezoelectric materials can withstand mechanical stress and convert it into electricity. In this paper, the product of piezoelectric material PZT-5A, PZT-5H has been used to generate electric power. This has been done by converting the pressure generated by crossing the road vehicles, which can be used to charge the DC battery, to light the streetlamps. A prototype was assembled consisting of piezoelectric discs which sandwiched between two copper plates. Uniaxial compression test was carried out to measure the output power under different numbers and arrangements of piezoelectric discs. The results of the experiment showed that the quantity and arrangement of the piezoelectric sensors change the applied stresses which leads to changes in the output power generated. The prototype consists of the cross section of piezo-disks, two copper shields, and a rectifier circuit placed on road speed breakers with a maximum size of 10 x 5 cm. On a voltage source that is sufficient to light the streetlamps more than before as an example of what we would like to achieve. The results showed that a huge energy was produced when using PZT-5A and PZT-5H piezo-electrics.

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