Women’s Perception towards the Purchase of Toddler Products in Post-Pandemic

  • M. Jackulin, Dr. K. Sethuraman


The COVID-19 pandemic is at the root of a significant loss of human life worldwide. During this Pandemic, Gen Y female purchasers' perception, preferences, and purchasing behaviour change. Most retail stores have closed, and there is a lack of a preferred brand of toddler product in the market, forcing consumers to switch to a different brand of toddler product. According to the way, even after the pandemic, female customers of Gen Y continue to feed the new brand to their offspring frequently. The increasing number of employed women in India, the rising birth rate, and the improvement in family economic status due to double income can all be attributed to the evolution of Toddler goods throughout the country. Consumers are always concerned about the health and cleanliness of their children, and as a result, they prioritise the quality of the product over the price when making purchasing decisions. For this study, toddler products are classified into four categories: toiletries, baby skincare, baby hair care, and baby food and beverages. The present study proposes collecting data from 123 female Gen Y respondents (convenience sampling) who are new females regarding their purchase decision on toddler products through a structured questionnaire through google forms. The data would be analysed using SPSS V 24.0 by applying statistical tools such as percentage analysis and one way ANOVA. In this study, the primary goal is to identify the satisfaction level on two dimensions, price and quality, that influence Gen Y female consumers' decision-making regarding toddler products and determines the level of satisfaction during the post-COVID-19 Pandemic period.

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