Research on Information Security Evaluation Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Clustering

  • Lin Yuxi


At the end of last century and the beginning of this century, information technology developed rapidly, it has penetrated into all fields of human production and life, and human beings have already depended on the convenience provided by information technology. With the continuous development of society and the accelerated pace of national informatization, the impact of information security issues on national security is increasing and prominent. Comprehensive and systematic information security risk assessment for organizational information systems is of great practical significance as the basis for information system construction and security management. The development of auxiliary tools has become a hot spot in current theory and scientific research practice. In fact, various information security assessment methods and standards have emerged successively, forming a huge information security assessment system. These standards and methods are applicable to different aspects and fields of information security assessment. The method of fuzzy clustering is adopted in this paper, and the implementation of the evaluation assistant tool in conjunction with the evaluation method can greatly improve the efficiency of the information security evaluation process.

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