Study on Optimal Design of Architectural Structure based on Genetic Algorithm

  • Maole Ye, Yanyan Li


Architectural structureposition distribution modeling has a lot of problems, including low availability, long modeling time, and high total cost. To improve the overall quality of buildings, saving the construction cost, and enhance the applicability of architectural structures, the architectural structure location distribution modeling method based on genetic algorithm was proposed. The  main body components of single-storey buildings are based on the contour curve of cross section, and they are copied to generate the main body of multi-storey buildings to complete the modeling of main body components of buildings.By analyzing the composition of the architectural structure, the genetic algorithms are used in the position distribution modeling of architectural structure, increase the degree of symmetry and uniformity measurementin terms of constructing fitness function, operate the control variables in the modeling process of the architectural structure distribution, obtain the global optimal solution, and then optimize the modeling of architectural structure location distribution. The experimental results show that the method has high usability, the location distribution effect of architectural structure is up to 90%, which meets the national standard of maximum load of architectural structures. Besides, the modeling time is the shortest, the total modeling time is only 92 seconds, and the total cost is low.

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