CSR Analytics: A Paradigm Shift towards Programme Sustainability

  • Ashwini Kumar Patra, Dr. Ratikanta Dash


In a competitive business environment relentless profit making cannot be the ultimate goal of a Corporate Organization. To survive and grow in the market, the organization has to take care of society, people and environment. The organization has to utilise part of its profit towards development of society, conservation of environment and growth of the people, who are working for the organization. This social responsiveness brings trust and belief and helps in enhancing the market share of the organization. Now-a-days, social responsiveness has been given a due importance in Governance aspect of all organization and more concern about the impact of such programme on lives and livelihood of the people. In this regard, collection, processing and analysis of information regarding situation of the area and people provides a comprehensive picture to the Governing Body to design a strategic CSR programme and funding requirement to implement such programme. The CSR analytics help the Governing Body to prepare a meticulous plan, pooling the resources from various sources, predicting the impact of such programme in the said time period and taking forward the programme in a sustainability mode. In this context, this research article has attempted to highlight the organizations who has made use of CSR analytics and brought definite changes in the society.        

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