Behavior of Students Regarding Online Apparel Shopping

  • V. R. Karthikeyarayan, Dr. V. Sitharathasankar


Experts predict that in the next years, the trend of e-shopping would become a common occurrence among Indian shoppers, based on their existing behaviour. The Indian e-business model is making a complete circle return back where it all began, but the infrastructure has evolved, as has the size and knowledge of the market. The participants are approaching a model that they did not begin with; as a result, they have the feeling that they have definitive solutions to the model's intricacies, rather than just a me-too jump. Consumers were hesitant to buy apparels online in the early phases of online shopping because of the numerous constraints. However, today's marketplace has overcome many of these obstacles, giving customers the confidence to shop online. The apparel industry has witnessed a significant increase in online sales during the previous five years. The purpose of this study is to look at the online shopping habits of Chennai district residents in the apparel segment.

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