A Survey on Machine Learning Techniques for Crop Recommendation and Yield Prediction

  • Bhavana Gowda D M, Dr.Narayana Swamy Ramaiah
Keywords: Agriculture, Crop Selection, Yield Prediction, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks.


This paper presents a survey about the importance of Crop Selection and Yield Prediction. As we are aware agriculture is considered the main source of livelihood in India and it is having a high impact on the Indian economy, hence the production of crops plays a vital role in our country. According to the current survey, agriculture contributes about 17% of our countries GDP and 60% of the people are dependent on agriculture for their daily needs. In the present situation, farmers are facing numerous problems related to crop selection and yield prediction. The main reason behind it is lack of education and because of that, farmers were failed to analyse which crop is suitable for which region and also, they are not aware of the climate changes, quality of soil and also, they don’t have the clarity about the feasible crops. Nowadays there is huge progress in technology using which we can help our farmers by providing a suggestion regarding Crop Selection and to obtain the best crop yield, one such technique is Machine Learning. Machine Learning is an important decision-making tool for crop selection, yield prediction and it also suggests what are the decisions to be taken during the growing season of the crops. According to the study the most used parameters are Temperature, Soil Type, Rainfall and the most applied algorithm is Artificial Neural Network (ANN).

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