A Fractal Koch Geometry design of a UHF near Field Reader Antenna

  • V. Chitra, Dr. S. Arulselvi, Dr. B. Karthik
Keywords: Near Field RFIDs (NF RFIDs),Ultra High Frequencies (UHF),Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Opposite Direction Current (ODC)


The proposed work provides a magnetic field strength evaluation based on the fractal Koch curve in accordance with a tapered slot structure. This structure isdeveloped for an RFID near-field reader antenna that operates at Ultra High Frequencies (UHF). The basic concept of varying distance with anti-clockwise current is utilized in the structure. The proposed antenna's center frequency is 897 Megahertz and bandwidth is 101 Megahertz (853 - 954 MHz). The acquired bandwidth is adequate to encompass the UHF RFID frequency for United States as well as Europe (865 -868 MHz), and Canada (902 - 928 MHz). By storing distinct liquids and calculating the antenna’s performance, the near-field observations were validated. The antenna is placed at a span of 50 mm in the z-direction, and the proposed antenna's investigation area is 243 mm X 190 mm. According to the findings, the antenna can detect chemicals in industry sectors and monitor pharmaceutical applications.The proposed antenna is appropriate to be used as commercial tags for near-field magnetic induction communication

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