A Review on Control Hierarchy of DC Microgrid

  • Shipra Jain, Rajesh Kr. Ahuja, Anju Gupta
Keywords: Energy Management, Hierarchical control, Primary control, Secondary control


The concept of microgrid was introduced to meet the uneven behavior of distributed generation and surging their use. In Microgrid, DGs can be installed effortlessly. DC microgrids are popular as dc output sources such as fuel cells, photovoltaic systems can be connected without any requirement of ac/dc conversion thus contributing to system efficiency.DC microgrids are reliable in comparison with ac microgrids. However, a number of technical issues have to be met for the installation and proper working of DC microgrids. A multilevel control structure guarantees control of different objectives in an efficient manner such that none of them affects each other. In this paper, different levels of control primary, secondary and tertiary are critically analysed.A brief review of hierarchical control  structure of the dc microgrid is discussed in this paper

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