Design of Ceramic Cultural Creative Products in Beijing Palace Museum

  • Tingfang,Wu, Shamsu Bin Mohamad, Qinyuan,Wu
Keywords: Ceramic, Cultural creative product, The palace museum,


BackgroundAs far as the background of Chinese museum industry is concerned, the development of cultural creative industry of Chinese museum is relatively late than that of foreign museums. It is only in recent years that we began to pay attention to the cultural creative industry of museums. The research on consumers' perception of ceramic cultural creative products is conducive to the development of the museum itself. It can not only spread the ceramic history and culture, promote the brand effect, but also solve the problem of the operating expenses of the museum, so that it can independently operate a circular industrial chain.

Aims and methods: This paper focuses on the design of ceramic cultural creative products in the Palace Museum, and studies from the aspects of product modeling, implication and consumers. From the perspective of product design and philosophy, this paper emphasizes that cultural and creative products should adhere to the concept of "tradition + innovation", integrate traditional art and creativity, and create more artistic added value for cultural creative products. This paper also analyzes consumers' analysis of ceramic cultural creative products of the Palace Museum, and analyzes the current situation of ceramic cultural creative product design of the Palace Museum.

Conclusion: The design of Museum ceramic cultural creative products should be based on people's living needs, integrate Museum elements based on practical functions, and then create artistic aesthetic products for spiritual enjoyment. As a high-level Museum in China, its ceramic cultural creative products play an important role in educating and leading the social aesthetic value. Therefore, in the design of such products, we should reflect the social spirit respected by the museum, the cultural connotation we want to convey, break the homogeneous creative design, focus on creating IP elements, and meet the aesthetic needs of consumers In line with the law of marketing market, it needs to be considered in the whole design process of ceramic cultural creative products.

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