Data Security and Privacy-Preserving on Healthcare Databases using Decentralized Cloud Storage

  • Satish T. Pokharkar, L. K. Vishwamitra
Keywords: User Data Privacy, Encrypted Data Search, Multi-authority, Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE), Wireless network, Forward Security, SHA Algorithm, Paillier Encryption, Hashing Functions, etc.


Currently healthcare sector, a variety of applicability is currently being developed to overcome the intricacy of past work. The healthcare sector has increased digitalization by utilizing computer science as well as information security & technology to deliver a variety of innovative approaches and medical equipment. Much more improvement is provided in the existing system to overcome the time and money of user’s as well as patients, execute precise medications, and securely store or save patient's sensitive data records, but the most essential difficulties are privacy and security. To implement the proposed safety research i.e. to address the vulnerabilities of existing security systems for sensitive health records on database servers. Existing data transmittal work can preserve the records of the patient only, but insider attacks cannot be stopped. In this proposed research work, the first is the use of a keylogging method to implement front-end safety; the second is the storing, on numerous data servers, of patient sensitive data records. And the third is a multi-authority encryption data access policy to prevent intimate attacks. This analytical job is also supplemented in order to ensure the safety aims of a patient's or users’ confidential records are secured in a number of chunks and the cryptosystems are applied. In particular, provided work advantages for each user with regard to accessing specific data records via SHA hashing technique. This study investigates the secure storage and sharing of information with the proposed End User Access Control (RBAC) and AES 256 encryption techniques for safe data access systems. This work also implements a backup server technique for all scattered data servers that acts as an ad hoc Network Data Recovery Proxy Server

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