A Dynamic Trust-Based Security Method for Preserving Sensitive Data Sharing in Web and Social Network Applications

  • Shyam Prasad Teegala, Dr. C V Guru Rao
Keywords: Web data, Trust-based security, sensitive data, Social network, Data sharing, distributed network


There has been a significant increase in data sharing in Web and Social Networking Programs (W-SNA) in recent years. W-SNA gives users plenty of opportunities to connect with companions and family. It also helps to develop new associations with strangers who have related faiths or significances. However, W-SNA may have unfavorable results on users like loss of confidentiality, disclosure of unrestricted matter, and the spread of misinformation. Protecting sensitive information, from cryptographic keys to a lot of data such as system logs, is an important issue in dealing with the average user who can easily compromise computers. The event recommends that each user design their sensitive information in a two-tiered, confidential way of sharing. It is difficult to protect dynamic W-SNA environments because user actions in W-SNA are erratic, and the unchanging access control mechanism places a heavy overhead on users, especially to alter access control regulations. This paper proposes a Dynamic Trust-Based Security Method (DT-BSM) for W-SNA to address traditional static access control issues. It also provides new criteria for assessing trust factors such as trust-based W-SNA approaches and assessing dynamic trust significances. The suggested DT-BSM is able to control negative actions and dynamically alter the access level to prevent open disclosure of information and resolve the issue by allowing unreliable users of the data to protect sensitive information

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