Analyzing Designer’s Mindset about Counterfeiting the Brand Identity Design

  • Prashant S. Acharya, Shrinivas Dudhgaonkar
Keywords: Designer mindset, lookalike, design, and psychology, visual design, color, typography, alignments, composition


Counterfeiting of designs for the established brand has become a great headache for authentic and established brands since the customers get diverted and get trapped into purchasing fake brands. This confusion has reasons majorly creating lookalike designs or identical designs and within that creating a subtle change in the design of the authentic brand. In a way, established brands lose the customer and have to face financial losses. It also creates ambiguity in customers' minds about authentic brands and consumers do not understand who is real and who is unreal. In this trap, buying decisions take place usually. This also damages the image of authentic brands. The main instrument to confuse consumers is to create a visual design, by capturing its look and feel very smartly which is almost identical to authentic brands.

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Prashant S. Acharya, Shrinivas Dudhgaonkar. (2022). Analyzing Designer’s Mindset about Counterfeiting the Brand Identity Design. Design Engineering, (1), 180 - 194.