Cyberspace and Women- Dimensions of Cybercrime against Women in India

  • Rajat Choudhary


The twenty-first century has been an era of inventions. Inventions that have greatly improved the quality of human life. Artificial intelligence's genesis and dominance have been witnessed. We have already entered the 5G era, which began with limited internet access. An alternate reality has emerged as a result of this unstoppable rise. An ethereal reality that promotes complete anonymity. With all of the benefits it provides, it has also proven to be lethal. With the rise of the online world came stalkers, hackers, scammers, and a slew of other miscreants and lawbreakers. As a result, society has become exposed to cybercrime. The researchers will focus on cybercrime perpetrated against women in this study. Women are easy prey for cybercriminals, and they are disproportionately victimized. Cyberbullying, voyeurism, sextortion, and stalking are all common online crimes against women. Women's privacy and security are in jeopardy as a result of the rise in cybercrime. The research's main goal is to examine the current state of cyber security in India and the need to enact specific legislation to protect women. The researchers would show how the laws are not being implemented throughout this study. The most important finding of this study is that more precise regulations and legislation against cybercrime are required. With the rise of social media networks and private websites, it is more important than ever for the government to enact special legislation for each type of crime perpetrated against women. Throughout the course of this study, an analysis of how many crimes is not reported due to traditional society and patriarchal attitudes will be offered. Researchers have also looked into the government's success in combating cybercrime and have come up with some useful suggestions for combating this threat. The researchers used a doctrinal research method and cited their sources using the bluebook method.

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