Network Performance Enhancement Using Modified DREAM AOMDV Protocol

  • Ankit Patel, Dr.Vijaykumar B Gadhavi, BhuminMandaliya
Keywords: DREAM, AOMDV, MANET, NS2, Network Performance


MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc Network) is infrastructure dependent, collection of wireless mobile nodes that can communicate with each other directly or indirectly through intermediate nodes. Thus, all nodes in MANET behave as mobile routers and they decide and maintain the routes. Nodes in MANET have high mobility that makes difficult to find routes when message packets are routed.

The location based DREAM Distance Routing Effect Algorithm for Mobility maintains information about location of each node in between sender and receiver. As this protocol works better with any energy efficient protocol so we need to consider it for its performance measurement. In our work we use location based scheme (DREAM) with multipath routing protocol AOMDV for better network performance.

In proposed work routing of the nodes is done by AOMDV protocol by using location based DREAM protocol. In case of link failure, if the node in the network which is selected for local repair have maximum unused bandwidth so that possibility of link failure again will decrease. It will leads to better throughput and high packet delivery ratio. Final result will lead to better throughput, increase the packet delivery ratio and decrease routing load. Simulation can be done using NS 2.

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