Mechanical Properties of Modify Reactive Powder Concrete under The Influence of High Tempreture

  • Samer S. Abdulhussein, Ahmed G. Manhl, Maryam S. Rasheed


The construction industry today requires effective materials to increase durability and strength as well as reduce overall cost. Therefore, the experimental investigation in this study has been achieved by adding waste materials in the use of one mix related to reactive powder concrete instead of the steel fiber, as it includes (1%) and (2%) volumetric ratios of twisted lathe machine scrap waste fiber to evaluate the influence of iron lathing waste in the reactive powder concrete and to find the impact of different degrees of temperature on the mechanical properties of the mix design. This paper reports the laboratory measurement of compressive strength, splitting tensile strength, flexural strength and dynamic modules of elasticity on modify reactive powder concrete without heating that compared to reactive powder concrete and  modify reactive powder concrete exposed to elevated temperatures of 200 °C, 400 °C, 600 °C and 800 °C. The mechanical properties of the modify reactive powder concrete control specimens in temperature (25°C) indicates that the concrete with iron lathe machine waste fiber failed in a ductile manner and 2% of iron lathe waste fiber can avoid explosive spalling of MRPC and greatly enhance the compressive, flexural and tensile strength of RPC, which are little less than that of RPC with steel fiber for (2%) volumetric ratio. And with the increase in the temperature up to 200 °C, the results showed that there were a significant increase and improvement in the mechanical properties of modify reactive powder concrete, were the compressive strength of the specimens at this temperature is increased about 12%, but it will be 15%, 50% and 145% loss in the compressive strength when the temperature increases by 400 °C, 600 °C and 800 °C respectively, as well as the other properties. This indicate that the RPC reinforced with iron waste instead of the steel fiber can resist the harm of high temperatures up to certain limit.

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