Mind Your Language

  • Dr. G. Christopher, Prof. G. Anburaj


English is one of the most widely spoken languages, with great demand in the global business ­world. This research paper is focused on analysing the diverse use of the English language in our day-to-day lives as well as understanding the different accents of various countries through a British sitcom called “Mind Your Language”. The show is set in an institution where a professor is taking English language classes for foreign students. It highlights the importance of effective communication in English and shows the different problems people can face while learning a foreign language. Through the survey, it is found out that the series has helped a majority of the audience in improving their grammar and focusing on their pronunciation errors. This article primarily portrays how people from different nationalities have disparate accents and pronunciations, and how closely their verbal speeches resemble English. This study has helped us gain a deeper insight into the common errors we make, as well as given us ways in which they can be rectified.

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