Flood Prediction Using Machine Learning Models: A Literature Review

  • Tejashwini U, Sudharani, Ashwitha A,Dr. Latha C A
Keywords: Flood prediction, machine learning algorithms like non-linear algorithm ,Support Vector machine algorithm


Flood is one of disaters which have great impact on the development of city which leads to heavy losses for human beings and nature in the environment. As per new data prediction available that the floods has been increasing in the massive amount .Due to increase of floods it cause large impact on the people since human nature of changing the climatic conditions and destroying the nature for human benefits and advancements in technology which are major causes for floods .In this paper research has been done in flood prediction by applying of machine learning algorithms which helps to predict the floods so that prevention measures are to be held like risk reduction ,less damage to human life. Floods are among the most devastating natural, and they're also also one of the most difficult to predict. This development of flood prediction methods have aided in preventative measures and policy prescriptions, the reduction of human life loss, and the reduction of property damage associated with floods.

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