Cloud Based Data Protection in Controlled Sdn

  • Debaditya Gautam
Keywords: software defined network, open flow, network analysis, operating system, protocols


The software-defined networking (SDN) concept has recently arisen as a trend for developing multiple protocols, developing more dependable networks, improving data flow control, and providing security in a much more easy and flexible manner. SDN makes it easier to manage and handle asymmetric connectivity between nodes. It addresses network and cloud security issues and so provides the finest solution for network data security. The network control and data planes are decoupled by software defined networking (SDN). The underlying network infrastructure is isolated from applications, and network intelligence and state are logically centralized. As a result, we are compelled to do additional research and demonstrate the fundamentals of SDN forensics, as well as its benefits in networks, particularly in the cloud, and its extensive prospects in conjunction with Network Forensic (NF) and Cloud Forensic (CF). In the traditional model, the single controller bears all threats, and its corruption results in network paralysis. But in the other hand, data will continue to grow in SDN switches in the data plane, despite the fact that storage space in these switches is limited. In this paper, we proposed cloud data base protection using SDN.

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