Engineering Graduates Adroitness and Competence on Employability Skills in North India

  • A. Lilly, Dr. V. Sivakumar


The most dreadful problem in NorthIndia is unemployment and underemployment. Though many initiatives had been taken by the Government, it ended up in vain. The whole of India economy is being dominated and controlled by Private Players. The present system following in our education industry both in schools as well as colleges do not produce employable graduates to meet the requirements and expectations of the Private Sectors. Hence this research is mainly aimed at finding out the expectations of the graduates towards the job, the concept and views of the graduates towards the employability skills required by the industries and the employer’s expectations from the engineering graduates. The paper also aims to identify the nature of the gap between skills expected by the employers and expectations of the graduates from the engineering colleges of North India.

The secondary sources, and previous literature works done by the authors from the same area of research are the main sources of data forming the foundation of the research. This study includes the literatures from various researchers who evolved with the in-depth analysis of this skill gap, starting from 2010-2020. The structured interviews and survey conducted from selected unemployed graduates, employers, present university students, previously employed graduates and faculty members of the colleges form the basis of the primary data for this research. Various cities of North India have been taken into the study. Education and financial background and growth and development, job market and opportunities, and training in the colleges are the  major factors considered for this study.

The findings of this research reveal the hard core reality that the engineering graduates do not possess the key skills that are expected by the industry and there is a huge gap in the practical knowledge taught in the college and what is expected in the industry. The much expected skill sets are not created and developed among the graduates by the colleges and the real industry requirement is not known to many of the graduates as they lack the real time industry exposure during their graduation.As a result this skill gap causes a huge chunk of unemployed and underemployed leading to the great drawback in the economy of the country. Thus, all stakeholders: the government, the university,educators, faculty members, employers and graduates have to actively involved in finding out the solution to bridge the huge gap in this skill requirement to avoid a endangered economy in near future.

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