Image-Guided Flexible Needle Based on Robotic System

  • Abdel-Salam Shaaban, Ahmed S.Ali, Fathi E. Abd El-Samie, R.Mostafa
Keywords: Needle, Medical robotics, Steering, Nonholonomic systems etc


Although needles are used in many medical procedures, target accuracy may be limited, such as obstruction of the needle pathway, changes in target position due to tissue deformation, and unexpected bending without a needle after injection. To overcome these limitations, us enhanced a robotic system which will actively drive the needle into soft tissue. The beveled tip (asymmetric) causes the needle to be flexible during insertion and improves steering when the needle is too flexible. The experimental robot is designed with a needle motor and involves horizontal needle injection, stereo image collection, rotational control, and needle translational. Experiments with soft tissue were performed to determine the effects of tip angle for needle track and thrusting velocity. The results show that the direction of the needle does not depend on the speed rate but on the angle of the tip.

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