Analysis Of Imbalanced Electronic Medical Record Using Classification Approach

  • Ms. R.Saranya,
Keywords: Class Imbalance, Disease Classification, Machine Learning (ML), Medical Data Set, SVM, Random Forest, Decision Tree and kNN.


Since the last few decades, a class imbalance has been one of the most difficult problems in various fields, consisting of data mining and system studying. In clinical records classification, it regularly faces the imbalanced wide variety of records samples wherein at the least one of the classes constitutes simplest a completely small minority of the information. In the equal time, it represents a difficult problem in maximum of gadget getting to know algorithms. There were many works managing classification of imbalanced dataset. . In medical diagnosis studies, Imbalanced Classification is a not unusual project. For nearly any sickness, a scientific laboratory has greater patients now not having rather than having it. Disease prediction can be implemented to specific domain names including threat control, tailored fitness conversation and decision support structures. Several system studying strategies have been implemented to healthcare data sets for the prediction of destiny fitness care usage such as predicting character costs and disease risks for sufferers. The classification problem for imbalance records is paid greater interest to. So some distance, many giant techniques are proposed and applied to many fields. But more green methods are wished still. In this paper, an expansion of classification methods is compared inside the problem domain class imbalanced clinical information.

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