Employees’ Job satisfaction in “Top” vis-à-vis “Low” Graded B-Schools

  • Prof. Dr. Mahesh V. Shitole
Keywords: AWV:Average Weighted Value: (singular) AWVs: Average Weighted Values: AWVs (plural)B- Schools:- Business Management Institutions ,CET: Common Entrance Test for MBA admission being conducted DTE (Directorate of Technical Education) ; JS: Job Satisfaction SPPU:-Savitribai Phule Pune University


Harvard Business School introduced the first MBA program in 1908. After that the Management education has become popular in the last century all over the world because management degree holders are much in demand; naturally, this leads to an increase in the demand for B-Schools all over India including   Maharashtra. Later on, there has been a mushroom growth of B-schools coupled with a dearth of qualified teachers. As a result, many B-schools promoted the appointment of low merited/salaried teachers on the plea that this was an ad-hoc arrangement and the same would be overcome shortly by enrolling qualified teachers. However, many B -schools have been running with these ad-hoc arrangements for years together since the teachers are available at low salaries, although they are being shown to be paid as per norms. Naturally, these schools have remained un-preferred by the aspirants of MBA and they looked as Low graded B-Schools. In contrast to this, for a few well-performed Star B-Schools, it has been indispensable and prestigious to impart qualitative teaching to fashion skilled personnel for Business and industry. Such B-Schools emphasis on quality teaching for nourishing, endurance, and development of their ambiance equipped with all the facilities and satisfied teachers. Naturally, these High graded B-Schools have been enrolling meritorious students.  As a result, the B –Schools are informally categorized ”Top” and “Low” graded leaving options to promote many B-schools between these two i.e. “High” and “Low” Graded B –schools, the forthcoming text explains this categorization. AICTE, however, directs to all the B-schools to keep their teachers qualified /meritorious and properly paid /satisfied for generating the contented and gratified students by developing optimum academic and corporal input. (AICTE Brochure,2019) .In reality, the personal relations between owners of B-schools  (?)  and employees of AICTE, University, and DTE authorities are instrumental to overlook functioning of B-schools and that causes the superfluous growth of Low Graded B schools which are the source to generate dissatisfaction of their employees. Hence there is a need for faceless digital control over the B-school functioning. This will not only initiated multi- flung academic development of B-schools but also generates satisfied employees and students

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