Flexural Behavior Of Ggbfs And Sf Based Geopolymer Concrete Beams

  • Dr.A.Rajarajeswari, Dr.G.Dhinakaran, Ms.Arati Parida
Keywords: Ground granulated blast furnace slag, Silica fume, Alkaline liquid.


The exposure of alumino silicate materials such as fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag etc., undergoes thermal activation along with alkaline environment forms an environment friendly material called geopolymer. These materials not only contribute reduction in emission of carbon dioxide gas to the atmosphere but also act as a substitute for cement to meet with the future demand.  In this study an attempt has been made to produce ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) and Silica fume (SF) based geopolymer concrete (GPC) beams and to find out its performance by conducting flexural test under static loading. All the experiments were conducted with a constant sodium hydroxide (NaOH) molarity of 14. The test setup was conducted under two point loading frame under thermal curing with curing temperatures of 80 °C for both the beams. From the results it was understood that with alkaline liquid/ Solids ratio (AL/GGBFS) = 0.30, SiO3/OH= 1.5 with a curing temperature of 80°C, yielded better flexural strength when compared to silica fume based flexural beams. Hence use of GGBFS based geopolymer concrete could be used for any construction and most preferred for precast construction.

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