A Comprehensive Review Of Cloud Computing Security Threats And Mitigation

  • Jasmeet Kaur Ghai, Anurag Jain
Keywords: Cloud computing, Security challenges, · Threats, study · Defensive measures


The diversity of malware software deformed the security planning of cloud-based services over the Internet, degraded the performance, and broke data integrity. However, the security of the cloud-based application and its services is still an open research challenge. Researchers continuously work on server-side security models and client-side security models. The efforts of researchers developed various security models to secure data and networks for different types of attacks. The adoption of cloud-based services and understanding of management are significant factors in threats of services and data loss.  The proper management of services reduces the possibility of threats and data leakage of cloud-based services. This paper systematically reviews different types of security challenges and mitigation mechanisms in cloud computing. The paper also dowries and deliberates on various open research issues, gaps and challenges in deploying a security model in cloud-based services.

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