Data Fusion Based Scheme For Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Priyanka Jaiswal, Nikhil Ranjan
Keywords: WSN, Cluster, Cluster Head, Multi-Hope, MS, Time Optimization, Hypothesis, Probability.


Practical aspect in the operation of the WSNs is the sensitivity of the statistical inference procedures to uncertainties in modeling the environment in which the WSN operates. The inference schemes and their performances are characterized by many parameters, some of which are obtained via experimentation, while a few are obtained during the deployment stage of the


An improved approach used hypothesis-based probability which aims to enhance the network lifetime by determining the optimal trajectory and cluster head for the base stations. Unlike the scheme carried out, this approach works for large-scale sensor networks with irregular node distribution. The process of hypothesis measures the normal condition of energy utilization and packet transmission. It cannot consider the process of interference and lower probability value.

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