Corrosion behaviour of some novel photoelectroactive alloy films

  • Rohit Srivastava, Md. Rashid Tanveer
Keywords: Alloy films, electroplating solutions, impedance measurements, corrosion rate, thermal treatment


 Alloy films of some novel energy conversion systems consist of mixed metal chalcogenides of variable compositions have been synthesized using electrochemical co-deposition technique under potentiostatic control. These films were subjected to thermal treatment under controlled condition. Electrochemical impedance measurements have been employed to estimate polarization resistance of the alloy films for the estimation of their corrosion rate. Both types of deposited alloy films are not endowed with acceptable resistance towards corrosion. With a view to explore possibility of improving the quality of films in the terms of photo-response and stability, the electrodeposited materials were subjected to thermal treatment at different temperatures in argon atmosphere and tested for their corrosion characteristics. The corrosion behaviors of two types of alloy films were compared before and after their thermal treatment.

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