Methods to Decrease Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Meet UAE 2050 Energy

  • Ali Saleh M. Alhammadi, Mas Fawzi
Keywords: Carbon dioxide emissions, Combined cycle natural gas power plant, Combined cycle gas turbine, Heat reclaimer, UAE 2050 energy mix goals


There is significant evidence that the world and the United Arab Emirates face many issues presently and in the future due to global warming. Issues include but are not limited to, rise in population, air pollution, water level rise, and higher energy demand. To combat this, the UAE Ministry of Energy and Industry have implemented their vision for energy diversity for meeting the energy demand and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. This study is a review of these issues stemming from global warming. Current research will be investigated to include whether the UAE should improve its existing energy infrastructure by improving current conventional technologies with more efficient systems. Studies on heat reclaimers, improved gas turbines, and carbon capture will be discussed.

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