Use of Technology in Modern Architectural Education Post-Pandemic 2020

  • Mustufa Jameel Ahmed


The 2020 Pandemic has changed the total outlook and working pattern of our society. The first time everything from business, innovation, and education came to home through online mode. The current study attempts to focus on the use of technology in online Architectural Education and using case how it is attempted in SAPD, ITM University, and learning for future online architectural education. The research employs an integrated approach of use of online classroom mode in the best way to make it interactive, result-oriented, and output generation to meet the goals of Future Architectural Education. All the graphics used are screenshots of the live classroom, webinar, online MOU done of SAPD done in 2020, and also survey done for deriving the results. Seeing the sudden pandemic in Feb 2020 a detailed action plan was prepared so how to take the Architectural education on online mode and especially the Architectural Design Studio Education improvement measures.

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