Financing Strategies in Iraqi Housing Investment

  • Waleed Mustafa Al Sayyid, Safaaaldeen Hussein Ali


The year (2020-2021) witnessed a transformation in housing investment projects by providing loans to citizens and investors. Due to the lack of studies that dealt with the financing and housing investment, the present study aimed to address the problem of the lack of comprehensiveness of previous studies on financing strategies in housing investment projects. For the purpose of addressing the problem and achieving the objectives of the present study, which is to present a clear vision on the integration of citizen and investor financing strategies,the first hypothesis (financing loan and enabling purchase for the citizen are impacted by the state's active strategy) and the second hypothesis (The internal and external investor's strategy is impacted by the state’s strategy)emerged. A theoreticl background is presented. Moreover, the practical part of the study was applied on the projects of Bismayah New City and Iraq Gate Residential Complex. The study found the success of the state's active strategy that enabled (80%) of the community in the Bismayah project and (20%) in the Iraq Gate project. the study recommended a generalization of the housing partnership between the public and private sectors and the Central Bank as well as increasing the amount of the initiative and the establishment of the Investment Complexes Authority.

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