Digital Library E-Resources Accessibility of Reader Academic Libraries in Context of Covid-19

  • Dr. Rajendra Manikpure


E libraries have become relevant to the current state of the COVID-19 epidemic as it caused a global shutdown in India and worldwide. It causes the majority of people to stay at family. The study was lead to study the learning ways of various library operators in this regard. Apart from- the practice of understanding, research has collected data of various kinds. Tasks performed by users at house. Student user also has it stated spending excellence life with family member at home. Beyond this, research has identified book reading as a priority user activity during lock time to manage a sad state of affairs for good works. People of different ages can have different learning styles practice. School and college students can have it all different choices than adults. Students can choose especially reading content provided in eBooks and printed books whereas adults often choose to study a variety of content from newspapers, magazines including books and eBooks.Worldwide, Library Specialists face a variety of challenges as to what services they can offer and how to arrange with these locks, from minor limitations to complete closures. Many reputable libraries such as the Public Library, National Library of India, and other world-renowned libraries are affected payable to closed circumstances and affect the entire public of investigators, scholars, academics, students, etc. This paper basically focuses on the role of digital libraries for the students in pandemic and tries to analyze various platforms started for education in this pandemic.

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