Waste Minimization and Lean Awareness in the Egyptian’s Construction Industry

  • Karim M.Eldash, Ibrahim M.Mahdi, Shady A.Dokhan, Elsayed M.Zaied,
Keywords: Lean, lean construction, wastes, construction industry


Still, there is a need to minimize wastes such as delays, defects, over-production, over-processing, etc., which are associated with high generation in the Egyptian construction industry.  The objective of this research is to identify the root causes of waste in Egyptian building construction projects and how the lean principles and techniques assist in its minimization. Therefore, new practical techniques and tools need to be inserted that help project managers minimize wastages in the construction industry with the optimum use of resources.  Sources of wastes are identified and classified under lean construction. The study results showed that, poor site management and practices are the highest waste generation sources. In minimizing Wastes classified under the development of lean construction implementation, there are various lean techniques and tools that can be used to improve the construction industry performance, productivity and save time and cost by adding value to the product. The study results showed that only 14% of respondents have an average understanding of lean construction, but most of the respondents use lean tools and techniques without good knowledge about lean.

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