Evaluating the Maturity Stage of the Urban Public Spaces

  • Haitham Al-Shamari, Adil Al-Saidi, Hassan hadi
Keywords: maturity, public spaces, performance, quality, urban values.


The Performance of the Public spaces has different values which are important in the urban design of cities. The high positive values of space's performance mean high quality and that space pass through maturity stage. This paper represents an attempt to evaluate the maturity stage of the urban public spaces that comes from the values of performance. The paper adopted the descriptive approach suggested a method to evaluate the level of maturity depending on the urban values classification and their variables. Also, it adopted the empirical approach by making the interviews about two public spaces which are: (Al-Ummah Park in Baghdad and the Castle Park in the historic center of Erbil). The paper concluded that there is a possibility to assess the level of maturity of public spaces by adopting the achievement of seven urban values which are reciprocity, social, health, image, environmental, cultural and use.

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