Environmental Accounting Disclosure Practices Among The Selected Companies In The State Of Gujarat

  • Dr. Ajayraj Vyas, Ms.Chhaya Prajapati,
Keywords: Environmental Accounting, Environmental disclosure, Environmental Protection, Gujarat.


Now a days worldwide crucial problem is to protect natural resources which is destructed due to industrialisation. Simultaneously economic development also become inevitable. But without granting industrial development economic development not become possible. It is commonly said that industrial development is performing biggest role in the destruction of natural resources. So, to maintain the balance between economic development and protect natural resources one new branch of accounting emerged by the name of environmental accounting. It provides accurate information in the company’s financial statement regarding estimated environmental cost/expenditures, recognition of environmental/external liabilities. It measures social, economic and environmental impact of business. It is found from the review of previous research that limited studies on environmental accounting information were presented in by Indian manufacturing companies in their annual report. The present study intended to examine the existing status of environmental reporting of polluted industries i.e., Cement, Agrochemical and pharmaceuticals industries in the state of Gujarat, this study gives emphasis on analysing major environmental parameters that what extent sample companies have disclosed in financial report, voluntary or mandatory basis companies have presented information and mode of information presented in annual report by sample companies.

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