Assessment of mechanical behaviour and corrosion studies on aa7075 /gr /sic / fa hybrid metal matrix composites.

  • Raja Sekhar Singampalli , K.Ramji , GMJ Raju
Keywords: Hybrid metal Matrix Composites, Sic, Graphite, Fly Ash, AA7075.


Metal matrix composites (MMCs) have become an unconquerable alternate to most of the conventional metals, attaining a wide appreciation in numerous technological areas owing to its worthier properties of mechanical and thermal over the conventional metals and alloys. When a composite is fabricated with more than one reinforcement is referred as Hybrid composite. These Hybrid metal matrix composites (HMMCs) were proven to be superior to single reinforced MMCs in many researches, with favorable enhancements in mechanical characteristics. The Aluminium based composites have been  consistently utilized in various applications related to Automobile, Aerospace, marine, transport and other processing organizations, owing to their special properties like low density, high strength to weight ratio, improved wear resistance and stiffness properties.

The present work comprises of processing of  Aluminium alloy composites from a high strength alloy of 7-Series (AA 7075). The composites were prepared through liquid metallurgy technique, where AA7075 alloy has been reinforced with different weight percentage of Fly ash (FA), Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Graphite (Gr) in uniformly increasing manner, has begun with 2% wt. of each and 1% wt enhancement for the rest compositions. Three such composites of different compositions have been made were titled as AMMC1, AMMC2 and AMMC3 along with  a pure AA7075 casted sample. Mechanical characterizations of these composites were conducted as per the standards of ASTM, covering tensile strength, Hardness and Impact strength analysis. Micro structural analysis revealed the uniform dispersion of alloying elements (FA, SiC  and Gr ) in the AA7075 Matrix. A progressive increase in the tensile strength, hardness and impact strength were noticed with the increase in weight percentage of reinforcement up to a maximum of  4% wt each. Thus the outcome of the investigation will furnish with the eplicit rationalization for the perceptible facts.

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