Improving Voltage Stability of IEEE 14 Bus System Using Statcom

  • B. Mathi Bharathi, Dr. K. Elango
Keywords: Voltage stability, STATCOM, Grey-wolf optimization algorithm (GWO), MATLAB.


 A power system is an interconnected system that consists of the generation, distribution, and transmission of power. Nowadays, electricity production is increasing as a result of population growth; in order to meet this growing demand, the power grid is evolving daily. Voltage instability is a frequent occurrence in the power system as a result of a sudden increase in inductive loads. This can be met through the use of FACTS devices, when the load is disturbed by the sag/swell the voltage stability of the system gets affected. ie., the system's voltage stability is undermined. Nowadays, FACTS control systems are used to increase the power system's stability. STATCOM is used to improve the voltage stability in this project. As a test system, the IEEE 14 bus framework is used. The optimal location for STATCOM is determined using the Grey-wolf optimization (GWO) algorithm, voltage stability is improved through the use of STATCOM, and the results are validated using MATLAB waveforms.

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