A High Gain LUO Converter with ANFIS Controller for Battery Connected System

  • Yerrababu Gari Abdul Shahid, Mr V.Sudhagar
Keywords: PV System, LUO Converter, ANFIS Controller, Battery storage, PWM Generator.


The paper introduces a system consisting of a photovoltaic power module that supplies energy to a load system via a LUO Converter, as well as battery storage via the LUO Converter and the ANIFIS Controller. Along with its maximum voltage benefit and lower switching losses, the LUO Converter is preferred. The voltage output of a photovoltaic module is dependent on the variable solar irradiance. A LUO Converter is used to rectify and stabilize the fluctuating output. ANFIS controllers can be used to achieve the required output voltage accuracy. The constructed world is governed by an ANFIS controller that utilizes the MPPT algorithm to improve the system's performance. Apart from the stack, the battery management system is connected via a bidirectional buck-boost converter, alternatively referred to as a battery converter, which is used to charge and discharge the battery. The designed system makes use of the PWM technique to maintain the converter's output power at its highest allowable value. A simulation based on MATLAB Simulink was used to illustrate the designed system.

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