Analysing the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Defence Sector

  • Dr. Ivneet Kaur Walia
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Defence, National Security, Military Technologies


The world is mutating from an era of papers, to matrix of information that has taken a giant leap towards the domains of the Artificial Intelligence. When we talk about the national security, there are two generalizations that come to our mind, firstly, secretive collection of information about the hostile nation or adversary group and secondly, it’s the action or decision that we may need to analyse for dismantling their planned strategies. Surveillance and information collection by Artificial intelligence supports the former generalisation. Repetitive patterns and algorithms can formulate a trail or provide an insight that skipped the human imagination. The word ‘intelligence’ indicates a ‘self-analysed action’, therefore human intervention and  control is mandatory in such sensitive matters. Artificial Intelligence also ensures cyber security against virtual wars. The Government of India and United States are planning to have an Indo-Pacific Agreement to cooperate and work towards deployment of AI techniques in Defense system. Government of India had also recently established a task force which submitted its report on ‘National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence”. Though the report did not discuss much about use of Artificial Intelligence in defense establishment but it did mention about its necessity to do so. Artificial intelligence will introduce us to the new world of tactics, to the world of unmanned mechanics like drones and quadcopters. The technology of automation, of launching missiles by calculative programming must not be confused with Artificial Intelligence techniques and applications. Through this paper, we can analyse the changes that may be required in legislative framework or regulatory policies in case of integration of defence strategies with Artificial Intelligence applications. For instance, analysing the Information Technology Laws and National Security laws, to see whether the provision in regard to surveillance or cyber-attack are self-sufficient or do we need to upgrade the laws so as to bring these in conformity with the technological advancement. For the research, use of interview and questionnaire method on a target sample, will not only raise the quality quotient of the paper but also ensure the authenticity and veracity of research.

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