Identification Of Misinformation Using Machine-Learning Techniques

  • Dr .P. Kanchanamala,
Keywords: Machine Learning, Regression Analysis, Support Vector Machine(SVM), Random Forest, Deep Neural Network.


Based on the simple availability and rapid development of data provided on social network sites, discriminating among untrue and reliable data has become difficult. The ease with which data may be shared has aided in the rapid rise of information fabrication. Where the transmission of untrue data is common, the trustworthiness of social networking sites is thus at risk. Machine learning has played a vital role in classification of the information. Regression Analysis, Support Vector Machine (SVM) Classifiers, Randomized Forest, and Deep Neural Network are some of the machine learning techniques used in detecting bogus and falsified information. This project looks at several literary characteristics which may be utilized to tell the difference between false and authentic information.  Train a collection of multiple machine learning algorithms utilizing several composite approaches and assess their efficiency on actual information by utilizing its attributes.

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