Data Mining and Machine Learning Based Hybrid Marketing Decision Support System

  • Ahamed Ali. S, Vijay Shrinath Patil, Vaishali Bhagwat Patil, Jagadish B. Jadhav, A.Siva Krishna Reddy, H P Prashanth Kumar
Keywords: Decision support system(DSS), Data Mining, Artificial Neural Network, Decision Tree.


While data mining is often used in engineering and research to address difficulties, finance and marketing also use it to deal with similar issues. With the use of data mining for decision support systems, organizations may better understand their sector and increase their productivity. Because of competition, prices, tax pressures, and other factors, dealing with an unstable economy is the standard for all businesses. A more competitive environment is being created for the business as a result of globalization, localization, and liberalization. In order to achieve targeted benefits and competitive balance, marketing is a difficult job that requires careful preparation and meticulous execution. The marketing decision support system reduces the organization's analysis and strategic planning problems by using an effective data mining technique. An investigation of the above-mentioned organizational marketing methods centered on creating a data mining-based decision support system that included artificial neural networks and decision trees.

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