Parabolic Solar Dish Concentrator / Steam Power Plant: An Experimental Study

  • Ali Basem, Mohamed Ahmed Moawed, Mohammed H. Abbood, Wael M. El-Maghlany
Keywords: Parabolic solar dish, steam power plant, experimental study, thermodynamics model, Rankine cycle system


The main objective of this research was to design and assess a hybrid steam power station using a parabolic solar dish concentrator in place of a traditional boiler.  A small station was built consisting of a solar dish (solar heater), working as a boiler, connected to a turbine which is, in turn, connected to an electrical generator.  Outlet working fluid moves into a condenser and is then recycled back to the solar heater by a pump. The prototype comprised a solar dish with a diameter of 3m, aperture area reaching 7.1 m2, and focal length 1.41 m, covered with 2 mm glasses mirrored / silver tiles. The new system generates electricity from a renewable source, solar energy, and is more efficient than solar cells which have been used in the past. The system is also economically viable because of the low initial cost of licenses and the absence of the need for fuel because of its reliance on renewable energy.  It also has low maintenance costs which raises the potential to obtain substantial quantities of electrical energy at a reasonable price.

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