An empirical study on purchase decision of fmcg products (snacks and beverages) by young adults in India

  • Digvijay Singh, Divyanshi Vashistha
Keywords: Fmcg sector, students, snacks and beverages, consumer buying behaviour.


Fast moving consumer foods stands as the fourth largest segment in the Indian economy giving vital contribution towards India’s gross domestic production. Packaged snacks are fast moving consumer goods and over a past few years a huge surge is seen in the demand of Indian packaged snacks, which is ultimately giving rise to the revenue growth of the manufacturing industries. Packaged snacks include variety of food products, popular among Indian population are potato chips, banana chips, extruded snacks etc. The field of Consumer behaviour helps in the study of consumers (individual, group, organisation) helping us to choose, retain, use and come up with new products and services that satisfies consumers’ needs.

About 68% of the snacks in India are consumed by the consumers falling between the age of 19-34 years, forming the largest consumer base of packaged snacks. (Statista, 2020). The aim to this research is to find out the various factors that influence university students’ purchase decision towards packaged snacks in India. Findings of this research improve our understanding of consumer behaviour of University Students particularly for packaged snacks. This research paper will also help companies in knowing the behavioural factors leading to the purchase of products by young population hence providing valuable insights in identifying and taking steps to improve on the services, and needs of the student segment of the Indian market. This research paper is based on quantitative analysis methods. The respondents are the University going students from different parts of India. The survey questionnaire is made on google forms and is floated to many different Colleges and university across India. The result shows there is no significant difference between the factors affecting the fmcg products and different types of fmcg products.

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