An Ensemble Approach to Control Network Traffic on IoT

  • K. Sree Lakshmi, K.V.V.Satyanarayana
Keywords: Cyber attacks, signature, Amplified, Bi-Directional, enhanced algorithm.


Cyber security is most widely seen in many domains. From various domains these attacks plays the major role in damaging the servers and making websites unavailable. Many challenges are facing with the various cyber attacks.Internet of Things (IoT) is most widely used to define as a pervasive network of a (broad) range of connected smart nodes that offer diverse digital services, including the collection of environmental and user data. Detection of cyber attacks is difficult task and this may cause the loss of data packets and may interrupt the server. In this paper, the Enhancement is developed to handle the attack packets effectively. This is the window based application i,e based on the window size the data is processed. The Enhancement is called as an Amplified and Forward for Bi- Directional traffic from Attacks. This is very significant model to detect the several types of attacks that occur in IoT. Results show the performance of proposed system.

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K.V.V.Satyanarayana, K. S. L. (2021). An Ensemble Approach to Control Network Traffic on IoT. Design Engineering, 759-765.