Environmental Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things

  • Pankaj Mudholkar, Megha Mudholkar, Sridhara S B, Sandeep Prabhu M, Shanil A, Sk Md Abidar Rahaman
Keywords: IOT, Wireless Sensor Network, Node MCU, android application, cloud server.


In order to guarantee a happy and prosperous existence, it is necessary to monitor the environment today. The requirements for keeping track of a certain area vary greatly, and this leads to varied use which necessitates flexibility. The system described below may be modified to different applications. It's a way of accessing any communication medium as quickly as possible while still having the flexibility needed to be communicated and updated without the need for complicated infrastructures. The system incorporates tiny wireless sensor nodes, small Internet-connected wireless receivers, and a cloud computing architecture that enables distant client data storage and delivery. Supervisors who are on-site may use their smart-phones to monitor the present situation, but they can also remotely monitor other locations through the Internet. This technology has many uses, one of which is to forecast climatic conditions, such as rainfall, and to detect carbon dioxide (CO2).

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