Multi Objective RES Power Generation for SRM Based Electric Vehicles

  • G. Charan Srivatsav, K. Subbaramaiah
Keywords: Cascaded multiport converter, battery management (BM), state-of-charge (SOC) balance, switched reluctance motor (SRM), Asymmetrical half bridge (AHB), etc..


This effort will introduce the switching reluctance motor drive for the use of a cascaded converter for hybrid electric vehicles. The battery management function (BM) controls the charge status and controls the bus voltage and flexible energy conversion across the battery bank, generator/ac-grid and motor. The cascaded BM modules are designed to configure multi-layer bus voltage and current capacities for the SRM system with the battery packets being included in the AHB converter, enabling a speed increase in the switching region during excitation and demagnetization, a speeding increase in torque stress, and improved torque capacity and system efficiency. Depending on the diverse operations, the suggested converter includes many driving modes, Recovered modalities of braking and loading. In addition, each battery pack can be automatically joined or removed from the power source using the BM procedure, significantly improving the fault tolerance and making overloading and unloading during motor operation easier to prevent.

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